Self-Employed Mortgages

Self-employed Canadians often face difficulty and confusion when it comes to qualifying for a mortgage without a traditional salaried job and standard income validation.

The Krepski Mortgage Team offers support to self-employed people with a mortgage process that is specifically designed to offer a range of flexible financing products to help you meet both personal and business objectives.  

Self-employed mortgage approvals can be based on provable income, self-declared income, equity, and personal credit history. When you choose to work with The Krepski Mortgage Team, you will receive competitive mortgage rates whether you are: 

  • Purchasing a home. 
  • Renovating a home. 
  • Lowering monthly payments through debt consolidation or; 
  • Financing for your business or other personal needs. 

Contact the Krepski Mortgage Team today to learn how we can help you with your self-employed mortgage.  

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