Reverse Mortgages

Many homeowners over 55 are not living the retirement lifestyle they imagined. We will arrange a REVERSE mortgage to boost your retirement income so you can start doing the things you truly enjoy.

Today, many Canadians just like you, are looking for ways to supplement their incomes as they enjoy their golden years. All too often, retirees are not fully aware of all of their financial options and feel pressured to downsizing their home and leaving the community that they love in order to make ends meet.

A CHIP Reverse Mortgage can get you the funds that you need to retire without forcing you to sell your home or move into a new home. A CHIP Reverse Mortgage allows you to access up to 55% of the equity in your home as tax-free money in monthly advances or as a lump sum amount to help cover expenses and improve the quality of your life. Not only are you able to retain ownership and leave your financial investments alone, but there are zero monthly payments required for as long as you live in your home.  

Whether you are hoping to alleviate debt, increase your monthly cash flow, help out your family members, or take a well-deserved dream vacation, a CHIP Reverse Mortgage just might be the solution for you.  


Other benefits of a CHIP Reverse mortgage include:  

  • You receive the money tax-free. 
  • You can use the money any way you want. 
  • No regular mortgage payments are required while you or your spouse live in your home. 
  • You maintain ownership and control of your home. 
  • You keep all of the remaining equity in your home. 

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